Roman lifestyle


Italian lifestyle is fundamentally very similar to life styles anywhere else around the globe…with a few peculiarities. In Italy people spend more time on eating compared to other places, transforming this activity into an art form.

Italians are warm, welcoming people who love to relax, celebrate and socialize with family and friends. Celebration and relaxation usually take place around the table either at home or in a restaurant, where they enjoy the traditions of the Italian cuisine. This characteristic dates back to the rich ancient Romans who would indulge on day long opulent meals, but also to the average Roman who would always gather around the table for important moments.

Italians have a passion for eating but also for talking. In Italy conversation, as well as food, is an art form. As you walk in the streets or stop at a café in one of the many squares, you will notice Italians of all ages engaged in intense and animated discussions on a wide variety of topics ranging from family, work, politics, gossip, art, food, wine and sports, especially soccer.

Roman lifestyle, as a subcategory of the Italian lifestyle, is a mid way between the Northern, more alert rhythm and the Southern, more relaxed way of living life. Therefore Rome offers the right equilibrium, stippled with eccentricities and excesses here and there. It all goes back to the history of the great empire.