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Rental apartments – WHAT?  WHY?  HOW?

A dictionary guiding you to the world of apartment rentals


What is an apartment for rent in Rome and how does it function?

A rental apartment in Rome is almost always someone’s property rented either because the owner doesn’t live there or because they choose to supplement their income by renting their own home during temporary absences.

All of our rental apartments are owned by wonderful families that either live elsewhere or offer their apartment periodically when they are out of Rome. We have been collaborating with most of them for over 10 years so they are trustworthy and care about their homes, preserving it with excellent taste and dedication.

Although all of our apartments are carefully chosen and furnished with everything necessary for you to find a home away from home, it is important to understand that each home is different, according to the taste and living habits of each owner. Therefore please do not expect perfection or a replica of your own home, we are all very different but interesting and beautiful because of our differences. Also it is important to understand that you will find Italian amenities in our apartments. Not Columbian, German, American, Danish, Romanian or Chinese amenities but Italian ones. Our coffee makers are not auto-drips but Moka, our washing/laundry facilities do not include dryers because everybody in Italy dries laundry naturally and our showers are mostly hand-held (sometimes with a possibility to attach them to the wall if needed). Please try to accept these aspects, and make them part of your Roman experience. Laugh at them or be surprised but do not get angry, people in Italy use them very well everyday and do not feel the need to dry laundry using a dryer (we could have asked our French fellow Monsieur Pochon, the inventor of the clothes dryer, to design one for us as well back in 1799). This is not because of a rudimentary, antique lifestyle, it is because this is how we live, respecting the enviroment as much as possible by minimizing our already expensive electricity usage (approx. 30 Euro cents / kW).

Renting an apartment in Rome is an issue to be taken seriously. You have to be conscious of the fact that you are primarily in charge of what happens in the apartment. If you cook, you would have to wash the dishes (manually or with a dishwasher where applicable). If you finish toilet paper or detergent for the washing mashine, you would have to buy it yourself. We at Domus try to make your stay as comfortable as possible and provide as many things as you might need, but there will always be somewhere something missing. And that is the main condition you have to accept when renting an apartment in any foreign country. We like being honest to you, as to all our collaborators, and depict our properties as they are. If any of our apartments says “elegant” or “nice”, it clearly means that the apartment is neither trashy nor luxurios.Please do not expect what is not physically there.

Why would you choose to rent an apartment in Rome?

Because you are travelling in a larger group and different hotel rooms do not help to your group’s cohesion. Because you are travelling with your children and you are looking for the comfort of a dining area where you and your family can dine together.

We think the best reason is because an apartment gives you the true Roman experience. Renting an apartment is the most authentic way of experiencing Roman lifestyle –if you are that sort of a traveller, interested in authenticity. By renting an apartment in Rome you are confronted with the beauty of a Moka for making your espresso in the morning, with your own kitchen for preparing a salad bought in the Campo de’ Fiori fresh open market or with the library of a family that may be just like yours but defined by peculiar literary interests you might find fascinating.

Also renting an apartment gives you the freedom to come and leave whenever you wish without the curfew of a B&B or the curiosity of the doorman in a hotel. It also gives you the opportunity to spend time together, around an intimate table where you can share the experiences of your vacation. And you can never get this setting in a hotel.

However, given all these positive aspects, do not assume renting an apartment is necessarily cheaper than staying in a hotel. We encourage our guests to not take cost as a guideline since they might be wrong. If you are comfortable with staying in a hotel, with standardised amenitites and with no bizarreness of a private home, please choose that option. It will save you from any stress you may have if you are not used to travelling in places with no concierge or 24/7 assistance.
We at Domus are available for any information, help or assistance you may solicit during your stay. We even go much further than other agencies in assisting our guests. Please see our testimonials page for our guests’ reviews. We offer a check-in service including an information kit on Rome and an explanation of the area and the best tips for getting around. Often we welcome you with a fruit basket or a bottle of fresh juice or wine (depending on the availability). We have even gone so far as to accompany our guests to train stations, hospitals or the supermarket. Therefore just be open and we will definitely respond accordingly.


How does an apartment rental booking work?

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” (Albert Einstein)

You have looked at our website, our booking conditions, our rental guide and our apartment listings. What to do next?

Well the most important thing is communication. Direct and thorough communication. Please tell us about yourself, the kind of vacation you are planning, you budget and your preferences from our list of apartments. We will then be able to offer what we think best suits your needs. We will email you with our availability and suggestions. As for the booking proceedure, please see our Booking Conditions page for guidelines.

What is important in our negotiations is trust. We understand you are uncertain of who we are and if we actually exist. It is difficult (and not advisable) to simply trust what you read on the internet. However we can proudly say that we do exist, we are one of the first apartment rental agencies to open in Rome back in 1993 – and our collegues, competitors and collaborators know that. We are members of the prestigious Club Italia and are one of Slow Travel’s long time favourites. However this might still not be convincing for some of you so, for that reason, we can put you in contact with some of our guests who have stayed in the same apartment you are interested in. They will give you impartial feedback but will also mention us personally, the Domus team that is visible (in real life, during your stay, not only through email or upon check-in) and that is composed of people with an international education (including a Cornell University NY alumna) who check you in and check you out, and assist you to the best of their knowledge.

We believe in a direct and open communication with our guests. This is the reason for not having a fully automated website and booking system. This is our way of making this simple, not simpler.

How do you know what to do upon arrival?
Well from the moment of you final decision concerning the apartment you decide to rent, we would have already talked about the area, the facilities, the ways to get to your apartment and our transfer service options, our private telephone numbers, the phone number of the person who will check you in and exactly what you have to do upon checking in.
Our standard check-in times are between 12:00 noon and 8:00 pm, Monday to Saturday. Any check-in after 8:00 pm or during holidays (Easter, New Year’s or Christmas) and Sundays have a late check-in fee of Euro 30. You can understand that none of our keyholders are willing to work during these extraordinary hours without compensation, so please be understanding. Our check-out times are until 10:00 am. However these are the standard guidelines that are the stricter the higher the season. However we will also consider your special needs if compatible with our schedule and the availability of the apartments. For example if your flight gets in at 7:00 am and the apartment was free the night before (and our maid had time to clean it), there is no reason for us not to accommodate you and not to check you in before noon. Please ask and we will be as flexible as possible.

The two very important things concerning how a rental apartment works have to do with the level of cleanliness and with the assistance you receive. Our apartments are carefully inspected by members of the Domus team but also by the owners. We have great maids and we can therefore say that we have a high standard of cleanliness.

In what our assistance is concerned, we will happily tell you step by step what to do if the light goes off or if the washing machine won’t open. But we cannot really guarantee a 24/7 assistance for every question that can wait until dawn or until Monday morning. Ethically some things are just not within our responsabilities. The important thing is to remain calm and trust that we do want to and will do everything we can to help you, there is nothing in the world that cannot be fixed. Our guests are witnesses of that. And remember, we believe that within any problem lies its solution!

Our rental guide DICTIONARY is coming soon…