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We carefully select our apartments in Rome with a preference for strategical locations. We believe in an authentic experience of the Eternal City that can be better understood and discovered by walking everywhere…that is within a WALKING DISTANCE.

For those travellers who wish to be close to the main monuments, we offer a range of apartments right in front of the Roman historical masterpieces or within a couple of minutes walking. For those who prefer breathing the atmosphere of the oldest neighbourhood in Rome, we can offer apartments that are right in the heart of the fascinating palazzos of Trastevere and within minutes to the main sites. Finally for those who wish to enjoy Rome by living in a residential neigbourhood within walking distance to the main sites, in buildings with no other tourists but only with Italian neighbours that might knock on your door and ask for sugar, we offer a variety of great choices. As you can see, the common denominator for all of our apartments is WALKING DISTANCE.

In the adjacent map you can see what we mean.

The largest crimson circle defines the area we refer to as Rome Center. This circle has as coordinates the Auditorium at its North Pole, Termini Train Station at its East, the Basilica of St. Paul on its South and the Janiculum Hill on its West. From this circle area you can reach the historic center by public transportation within a few minutes – it is the most dense area for public transportation. However our apartments located in this circling area are within a 15 minute WALKING DISTANCE to the main sites.
We have chosen as an icon for Rome Center the image of a Fiat 500, the emblematic Roman car that you will often encounter in the neighbourhoods of Rome’s central area.To learn more about this fantastic car, click here.

The blue circle delineates Rome’s Historic Center, that area where the Pantheon has been standing for over 2000 years, where Bernini has defined Piazza Navona through his Fountain of Four Rivers or where Piazza del Popolo holds the obelisk of Ramses II in its center. Our apartments in this circling area are right in front of these monuments or within a couple of minutes WALKING DISTANCE.
Emblematic for this area are the bicycles that Romans have been using for decades since Italy has a longtanding tradition in bicycle making. For this reason we have chosen the icon of a bike, comfortably leaning against an ancient wall in Rome’s Historic Center. To learn more about the industry of Italian bicycle making, click here.

The smallest  orange circle refers to Trastevere, the old part of Rome situated on the west bank of the Tiber, south of Vatican City. Its name comes from the Latin trans Tiberim, meaning literally "beyond the Tiber". Nowadays, Trastevere maintains its character thanks to its narrow cobbled streets lined by medieval houses, where most of our apartments in the Trastevere category are located. This area is within a 10 minute WALKING DISTANCE to the historic center (Campo de’ Fiori is within a 5 minute walk over the Ponte Sisto).
The icon of this neighbouthood, with its patina of an old enchanted city, is the Vespa, the truly Italian scooter that you will often see riding along the streets of Trastevere. To know more about this Fun Italian vehicle, click here.